First York County Non-Profit Conference

All nonprofits offering services in York County, Maine are invited to attend this free conference on Monday, November 14 at the Nonantum Resort in Kennebunkport. Small organizations are encouraged to attend. You may select two attendees – a senior staff member and board member would be a good combination. PLEASE NOTE registrations for this event have closed.


9:00     Meet and Greet with Continental Breakfast

9:30     Who’s Here:  Quick Introductions

9:45     Overview of Agenda and Conference Objectives

10:00     Official Welcome

10:10     Assistance Priorities:  How might the Foundation assist you?

10:30     Profiles of the Non-profits working in York County

11:15     Short Break

11:30     Taking a Deep Dive into Non-profit priorities

12:00     Reports from working groups

12:30     Wrap up and next steps

12:45     Visit the materials table and lunch

2:00     Adjournment