Coronavirus emergency funding update April 28, 2020

This special funding is to support the employees of nonprofits providing services within York County, Maine.


In this turbulent time, we are thinking about you and your organizations providing needed support in our community. We are looking at options to provide some sort of emergency funding to help you through this time, and will be sending out more information as we figure this out. Even though it’s not our regular cycle at present, we know the financial issues many of you are facing, and we’d like to try to help.

We will send email updates to those on our list, and will update this page as we determine how best to proceed.

In the mean time, please take care of yourselves. We appreciate the work you do.


We know that many nonprofit staff members have been told to stay home during this virus pandemic, and that puts a financial strain on nonprofits and their employees. In the short term, we’d like to offer funding to bridge the gap between work and unemployment, especially for those lower earning folks who may not have adequate savings for basic needs.

Please check to see how this may affect their unemployment benefits. Maine Equal Justice Partners has a helpful information sheet – see the link  HERE.

Please limit your request to 3 weeks or less and tell us briefly about your need. We want to make this as simple as possible. We plan to review all applications and make decisions as quickly as possible.


We are no longer accepting applications for employee salaries in the short term.

Please watch this website for further information about funding for operations in 2020. We will respond to email questions submitted to